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An Evening with Will Allen at Great Kids Farm!

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Will Allen, Founder and President of Growing Power, Inc.,  shares his experience in building an internationally acclaimed urban farm rooted in community, sustainable agriculture and a commitment to making good food available to all.

Great Kids Farm the new new educational farm owned and operated by Baltimore City Public Schools .   Come celebrate the future of urban agriculture and great food in Baltimore City.

  • What :: Will Allen Reception and Talk
  • Where :: Great Kids Farm, 6601 Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore, MD 21228
  • When:: Friday, July 17th

Space is limited.  To purchase tickets or rsvp for the workshop, click here.

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  1. Concerned Student!
    7:45 am on June 2nd, 2009

    Students suffer the most when it comes tho the City of Baltimore’s school lunch. In fact, the Baltimore Youth Council and the Baltimore Chapter of the Algebra Project are some of the loudest voices talking about this and how it relates to systematic oppression.

    How is it then that an event like this excludes the very young people that are suffering from the food system at our schools and don’t even get an opportunity to learn about a different system because of the ticket prices (and the kind of event it is)?!

    I think hearing from Will Allen talk about his work with growing power (especially in a city that’s 3/4 people of color, like me! and experiencing extreme poverty) would be beneficial…but let’s be real.

    Who can afford these kinds of tickets? Can young, working-class people?
    Do young people want to participate in a “cocktail party”?
    Who gets the privilege to learn from this great teacher?

    a very concerned student!

  2. Christina
    6:18 am on June 3rd, 2009

    Dear Concerned Student,

    We appreciate your passion on the subject and in wanting to hear Will Allen speak. In fact, there will be a free session on Saturday with Will Allen specifically for students. We will have more details posted by next week so, please check back and come join us.

    Thank you for your comment.

    The Crew at BGW

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