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What should I wear?
Dress to impress. This is a fun and social affair to be comfortable, but classy! People have been asking us, “What’s appropriate?” We recommend you “shop the closet.” The best way to reduce your fashion footprint is to wear something vintage, break out that old prom dress, or make something new from your existing store. Elegant or funky, we can’t wait to see what you wear! But if you want to get really creative? Take a look at our Pinterest page. If you want to support a local business, see a list of local consignment shops.

Where does the donation of my ticket sale go?
The cost of your ticket will help us continue to bring new programs, give more employment hours to local youth, and to underwrite our Sustainability Speaker Series, Baltimore Green Week and more.
What we do is supported directly by you!
What will I do at the event?
This is a social event, so expect to network, hang out with friends, and laugh.
How can my company become a sponsor?
Take a look at the EcoBall Sponsor page and then contact us:

PO Box 66088 | Baltimore, MD 21239
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