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McKay Jenkins – January 31, 2017

Food Fight: GMOs and the Future of the

American Diet

Tuesday, January 31 at 6:30pm

Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

415 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

In Food Fight: GMOs and the Future of the American Diet, environmental writer McKay Jenkins travels across the U.S.—from the Monsanto headquarters in St. Louis to the papaya fields of Hawaii to a family farm in the Chesapeake Bay that grows grapes and tomatoes for local vegetable markets alongside GMO corn and soybeans—to get to the bottom of the GMO debate.

Jenkins discovers that the GMO controversy is far more complex than meets the eye. There are many farmers, scientists, and consumers with stakes in the GMO game, and each has a strong opinion about why their stance is the correct one. Jenkins paints a complex picture of the role that GMOs necessarily play in the industrial food system, with shocking revelations on both sides of the debate.

McKay Jenkins is the author of seven books, including ContamiNationThe Last Ridge, and Bloody Falls of the Coppermine. The Cornelius Tilghman Professor of English, journalism, and environmental humanities at the University of Delaware, Jenkins lives with his wife and two children in Baltimore.

Presented in partnership with the Enoch Pratt Free Library as part of the Sustainable Speakers Series.



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