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What is Sustainability?

What is Sustainable?

If you were to ask yourself, “how do I sustain myself, how do I survive?”, you might answer, “I eat food, drink water, breath air.” These are the essential ingredients to life. But one sustains themselves by more than that. Humans require shelter and clothing to keep warm, to stay out of the elements. They require energy to heat homes and food, to keep the lights on, to get to work or the store. To pay for these essentials, we need an income, a means of being paid for our contributions. And finally, to earn an income, we need our health, an education and the support of our families and community.

So when we see how we sustain ourselves, we see that we are connected to each other. We are connected to the farmers that grow our food and the carpenters that build our homes. But we also begin to see that we are connected to the earth and the sun. That these are the sources of all of our materials and energy that we use to sustain ourselves. So with every calorie of food we eat, every mile we drive, every cake we bake, we are drawing from the natural capital of the earth.

As the human population of earth has grown, and our consumption behavior increased, we have begun to recognize that we are taking more than the planet can give. Becoming sustainable is more than nourishing ourselves. It is seeing our connection to all of life, and changing the way we live so that our lives respect those of future generations, so that they too can enjoy clean water, clean air, wholesome food and the wonders of all the plants and animals that make Earth a living planet.

What is a Sustainable Lifestyle?

A sustainable lifestyle can be described as making choices that reduce our impacts on the planet. Choices that instead begin to promote healing by cleaning air and water, building top soil while supporting our local economy and our neighbors. Come to Baltimore Green Week events to learn how!

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